Depression/Anxiety/Trauma/Life disruptions/Relationships/Health & Body​/Stress​


These are often some of the areas that individuals would like to improve.  I can help you reach your goals  to improve your life.  I will listen intently to what you share with me and share feedback and observations to help you understand yourself more and to help you make the changes you want to make.

 phone :  (207) 554-4230


fax :  (207) 554-4231

Individual psychotherapy/counseling

EMDR therapy

Mindfulness training

Learning coping skills

Understanding yourself more

While supporting you with recognizing what you want to change and helping you do this, one of the last things I will do is tell you what you should or need to do. 


This is your life, and I see myself as an adviser to share feedback, observations, and only when given permission to, provide suggestions.