EMDR therapy creates lasting change

Clarify Your Goals/Let Go Of The Past/Understand Yourself/Balance Family, Work, Friends/Break Through Barriers


EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) helps people become unburdened from past experiences and trauma.  Before I became trained in EMDR therapy I wasn't completely convinced, but after I experienced this treatment myself during my training, I am convinced of its helpfulness.  


 From this personal experience, I feel an obligation to offer this treatment to most of my clients, as it is so powerful and helpful and can create lasting change in weeks to months what regular therapy can take years to achieve.

For those who like details: EMDR works by processing or refiling memories that are in separated traumatic memory networks.  A traumatic memory becomes a regular memory.  In doing EMDR, the therapist asks the client to think about the memory, and then after experiencing bilateral stimulation, the client's brain will bring up related memories and thoughts, feelings, or sensations, and through this process the traumatic component of the memory dissipates until the traumatic memory is a regular memory of just something that happened.


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