Feel At Ease/Create Balance/Be Present/Take Time For You/Accept Life As It Is

Mindfulness can help you do all of the above.  Mindfulness is not a mystical thing that only monks and yogis do.  If you're human, you can do it!


Mindfulness is simply:  Being in the moment on purpose.    


This can be while eating breakfast - just eating breakfast - noticing the taste of your food, physical senstations you experience, sounds around you without judgment.  Being mindful in the moment can help us to really experience the present moment.  The present moment is usually easy to experience; it's the past and future that we worry about and bring us down. 



MIndfulness calms the mind, brain, and body.


It's also easy to do.  To start practicing mindfulness, I recommend just sitting quietly eyes closed or looking downward and breath.  When your mind wanders away, as it will, just say to yourself, "that's a thought" and refocus on your breath.  Try this for a minute to start and then work up to a few minutes and then a little more.